I am the 0.01%

As some of you may know,quite recently I was prescribed cymbalta, as it is commonly prescribed for chronic pain and it has a great side effect of fatigue! Exactly what I needed as I was waking up at least 6-8 times a night, which just fuelled the pain cycle.
The great news? Cymbalta gave me the best sleep of my life. That tiny little blue and green pill is a life saver. And in the beginning I had no undesirable side effects. DOUBLE BONUS!! After two weeks of being on cymbalta  “aunt flo” came for a visit. And boy she was unhappy. My usual light short period persisted. One week. Two weeks. Three. Four.five.six. SIX weeks of consistent heavy menstruation. At this point, I knew something was seriously wrong, and off to my family doctor I went, hoping it was just a small imbalance in some hormones. My doctor was quite concerned as I already have some weird blood levels, let alone bleeding for 6 weeks straight  Not once was any external factors brought up. She sent me home with a week of hormones to kick my body back into its regular rhythm as she searched for a safe birth control due to having two neurological disorders.. and just for fun, my doctor ordered a extra set of blood work just to be safe!
 As I drove home my spoonie brain kicked into high gear. I knew I was recently checked for many  gyno disorders which all came back negative, so it clearly wasn’t anything down that road, so I did some detective work and realized that this was my first cycle after starting cymbalta. *que lightbulb moment *
Off to the health Canada website to search the drug monograph. With a quick search of the term “reproductive disorder” and looked through the different side effects and the rate at which they can occur. I found a disorder that my doctor had just diagnosed me with.. Menorrhagia. I look over to the % chance. Less than 0.01%
I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This wonder drug was causing a major health problem and the chance of me having to stop taking cymbalta was high. So I took matters into my own hands and called my pharmacy first.. after no results I called the manufacturer Eli Lilly to get some real answers. To my surprise they gave me nothing. No  valuable information… just a super awkward product specialist  that kept referring to my disorder as “this  disturbance”… weird… The only thing he said was that it was highly unlikely that cymbalta would be the culprit, but i knew deep down it was true..I was crushed.
So we fast forward to today. Where my doctor confirms my original intuition that cymbalta is causing me to experience menorrhagia and that the chances of me having to stop taking cymbalta is very high, but she will try every avenue before it comes to that.. So I play the waiting game hoping that this current hormonal prescription will do the trick, and I can stay on my wonder drug. As I left the office today, my doctor said ”  I think you better  watch out for lightning strikes because you have weird luck”

We have a love hate relationship cymbalta and I

*****Just as a quick FYI this will be my last personal bog post for a month as we are beginning a fun month of guest blogs!  A new blog will be released every Thursday morning, and I encourage everyone to check them out! They will not disappoint!!*****