Med Report Card


  • Student showed high potential early on, but failed to thrive in long term.
  • Student persistently made food the enemy and refused basic nutrition.
  • Her biggest skill was persistent tingling of limbs and the ability to make hair fall out.
    • D


  •  Student was good at increasing food intake. A little too good
  • Student began to complain of many sores in her mouth
  • Student complained of high cost/expiration.
  • Student was unable to travel outside of country.
    • B


  • Student was very successful in creating a calm quiet environment that catered to sleep
  • Student showed amazing improvement in quality of life
  • Student failed to continue at her high level of success and began to slide downhill
  • Common sentences/thoughts got lost in a foggy brain.
    • B-


  • Student had many positive aspects, and was well studied in many subjects
  • Student was able to get back to many normal aspects of her life
  • Student began to fail as many body functions began to go awry.  
  • Student is still recovering from events during this time.
    • C+