ER Update!

I opened my twitter feed this morning to so many tweets of well wishing and sending good luck for my trip to the ER. Well, it worked! It was one of the best trips to the ER I’ve ever had!




Last night I decided that this migraine was not going to resolve it’s self, and at that point my only option was to go to the ER (even though I HATE going there…) The waiting room was the fullest I’ve ever seen it, But the wait to be triaged wasn’t that bad.. I was triaged as a level 2 (One level up from critical/life threatening) instead of my regular 4 or 5(minor ailment), the reason for this was my heart rate and Blood pressure. My resting heart rate was around 135 and my blood pressure was also very elevated. The triage nurse was very concerned, but I assured her I was fine. The nurse offered me the family room which is quiet and dark! Life saver! They have big couches there so I was able to try and rest while I waited. I was lucky enough to only wait around 40 minutes , but once I was called I realized my nurse was my sisters best friend from high school! He also taught me music for about 4 years. Second life saver! After some small chit chat about life, I explained the the fun-ness of my life. I also explained that each time I come in, I get the same treatment because it works so well, IV fluids, Benadryl and 10 mg of Maxeran. He was so sweet, he let me choose the location of my IV even though I have pretty bad veins. We eventually settled on my hand, but for some reason my the IV was not properly working, but he refused to poke again and macgyver’d it a bit so the fluids would actually flow. The doctor I had was also a very compassionate person, she stated that they usually like to try other things first, but since I knew this had worked in the past, she would agree to treat with that combination. She also didn’t make me do the full neuro exam! Just the crucial parts, which I appreciated.  I was concerned that the maxeran wasn’t going to work this time as I didn’t classify it as a straight cut migraine, but it did enough for me to start to feel alive again, and of course, once you start feeling ok in the ER you want to get out of there!!  



(I didn’t bring my phone with me to the ER last night, but here is a photo I grabbed from Wikipedia of the drug!)


I was only at the ER for about 4 hours last night, which was extremely lucky.Again, thank you everyone who sent tweets and messages wishing me well! They really did help! 


Now I’m off to write a mid term! Even though the doctor told me to rest today, but who really listens to rest orders anyways 😉


Day 4:Finding Nemo #MHAM #MHAM13

Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming”: How do you keep going in life when Migraine or
another Headache Disorder deals you a difficult set back?

I find that the odd time I can get pretty down about my situation, and its taken me a couple years to figure out how to bring myself out of them. I find that talking to some of my fellow spoonies always helps me, but never truly gets me out of what I call the “pit of despair” . I’ve always wondered whether or not to fight it or just let it run its course as I usually try to fight it off, but lately I’ve been leaning more towards letting it take over and run its course. It’s the spoonie version of the fight or flight!

I guess all in all I find myself still pondering whether or not to fight or flight, but I know that I always have the support from my fellow spoonies to bring me through the tough times.

Do you fight or flight?

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Cefaly Migraine Pain Relief

I just received my Cefaly Anti migraine medical device in the mail today. Just to be clear, I bought this device with my own money, and I am under no contract with Roxon.

Now that we’ve covered that, I took some pictures of the unboxing of the device:

Front of the box

First Peek! 

The actual medical device

The actual medical device


So, I personally bought the device off of due to the cheaper price,( the official website lists the product for $299.99, lists for $239.99) and the ability to RETURN the product!

Now, I am not 100% convinced on whether or not this is going to help me, as I am a odd case. But I am determined to keep an open mind and hope to the migraine gods that I will get some relief.

I will keep you updated on how my first “treatment” goes!


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Day 10: No #HAWMC For me! Sorry! Migraine Survival Kit (late)

Day 10 (April 10) – Wordless Wednesday
It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post your favorite picture of yourself.
Today’s post was recommended by Christina of

I know my 30 Writers challenge is pretty messed up due to my pain flare… BUT Here is my “post” for “day 10”

Today I’m going to shake it up a little bit, the prompt for day 10 was to post your favorite picture of yourself. I thought long and hard about whether or not I was going to participate in this prompt or not, but I feel that 100% anonymity is a must so that I can be 100% truthful in my blogs and tweets.  So I guess I will continue to be the mystery girl behind the screen. SORRY!

Today I am going to talk about making a migraine survival kit! What fun!

I have yet to make one of these beauties myself, but I know that I definitely need one! I pop a migraine going to events all the time and I have nothing with me but my meds! So here is what I plan to put in my kit!

-Medications (Preventatives, and daily, in Original bottles!)

-A List of what your on/Dosing (Due to my medication, currently it is a must)

-A Water bottle

-Mini ice packs(the one time/ throw away type)

What do you have in your migraine survival kit?