A Blessing or A Curse?

I’ve heard a lot of people out there who’ve gotten sick compare their situation to a blessing, as it has changed their lives for the better, even though they’ve had some rough patches along the way. On the other side of the coin you hear the people who purely think that them becoming sick is a “curse”.. Not in the witchcraft sense, but, in how it’s made their lives a living nightmare. Now I must say, at different times over the years I’ve found myself in both situations, but I’ve come to a realization.
Becoming sick was not a amazing thing for me, if I could have prevented it I would have.. No questions asked, but I’ve also gained valuable knowledge from being sick so long. So which is it?
Neither. I believe that this was not a blessing or a curse, but a lesson. Something that I will learn from, suffer with and hopefully grow with. One of my favorite teachers has ways said “learning should sometimes be uncomfortable” and it’s true. This learning experience has not been a walk on the beach, nor has it been the happiest days of my life, but I’ve also had invaluable experiences that I know I would have never had, without this condition.

Do you consider your condition a blessing, curse or a learning experience?