Cefaly Migraine Pain Relief

I just received my Cefaly Anti migraine medical device in the mail today. Just to be clear, I bought this device with my own money, and I am under no contract with Roxon.

Now that we’ve covered that, I took some pictures of the unboxing of the device:

Front of the box

First Peek! 

The actual medical device

The actual medical device


So, I personally bought the device off of costco.ca due to the cheaper price,( the official website lists the product for $299.99, costco.ca lists for $239.99) and the ability to RETURN the product!

Now, I am not 100% convinced on whether or not this is going to help me, as I am a odd case. But I am determined to keep an open mind and hope to the migraine gods that I will get some relief.

I will keep you updated on how my first “treatment” goes!


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