What if ?…What if it’s not “Nothing”

Wow, I haven’t posted since February.. So sorry for being such a bad blogger!! I’m going to try to start being a more dedicated blogger, hope you like my newest post! Please comment below your thoughts:)!


If you guys have been following my twitter account, you know what’s been going on in this crazy life of mine. I had an appointment from hell with my pain management doctor, and then she did a 180 when I brought parental reinforcements to my next appointment, and started helping me again (although I’ll never trust her again).. She referred me to the ONLY headache specialist in Atlantic Canada,.. Isn’t that sad? 4 Provinces and there is only one specialist.. Anyways, I get to this appointment, and he’s 2 hours late… After a comprehensive (I mean intensive!!!) neuro exam by a flock of his students, he finally strolled in. I don’t tend to get along with old fashioned doctors, you know the kind I’m talking about, super full of themselves and its their way, or the highway when it comes to treatment. But I thought, hey, he is my only option… better suck it up and hopes he helps me. We go through my entire history, 7 years in full detail, looks at my med list and tells me “ oh my.. These are hard drugs”… Really? Thanks for noticing. We continue with on with the conversation, discussing revising my diagnosis, from Chronic Daily Headache & Transformed Migraine, but he believes I only have Chronic Migraine. Cool. We continue on, and he decides I need to do a further neuro exam, I stick my hands out in front of me and he freezes. Staring straight at my fingers, face in awe, then smiles. Now, I started to freak out a bit, because a neuro smiling at you always isn’t the greatest thing.  My fingers have always been super crocked and bendy, but whatever, no big deal right? Apparently, yes. Big deal. He starts examining my fingers, toes, and then starts trying to find other weird symptoms I have. We finish, and he decides that I need another MRI, this time with an MRA. He thinks there is either something physiologically wrong in my head, causing my hypermobility, or that I have a hypermobility disorder. So, like I always do, I went straight home and went to the Internet… Reading about a disorder called Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, or EDS. I continue reading about this condition, citing that chronic migraine is a common condition associated with EDS, I continue reading about the other associated symptoms, and I have about 90% of the most common symptoms. Now maybe this is a coincidence, as it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened… But what if?  What if all the doctors that told be I am “perfectly healthy” for the past 7 years were wrong? So going forwards, I’m waiting for my MRI/MRA, and then I will go back to him, and start again. 


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all are having a spoon friendly weekend!