Day 30: Recap #HAWMC

Day 30 (April 30) – Recap
 You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your
favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned?
 Describe your HAWMC experience in one word

This is officially my last  HAWMC post for their April writers month challenge!  This is a bitter sweet moment! I am very excited to have a little bit of free rain on my blog again, I am very sad that I won’t have the daily drive to post! I guess I will need to find some inspiration to fuel my blog and maybe some guest bloggers! Who knows! On to business!

Well, my favorite post was Day 6!

Day 6 (April 6) – Letters

 Write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest?

Sad to say, my least favorite post was Day 13!

Day 13 (April 13) –Haiku
Write a health acrostic for your condition, hashtag, or username! (acrostic = a poem where
every letter of a word serves as the first letter of a word or phrase i.e. DOG = Digs Others’


To sum up my entire HAWMC experience in one word it would be metamorphosis.. This month long writers challenge has given me a new outlook on being a health activist, these prompts have made me question my own personal morals, made me proud of myself and also helped me achieve a healthy balance with dealing with my own problems when it comes to dealing with my chronic condition. I hope that over the past month you have enjoyed my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them and maybe they have helped you as well.

With much Love,


Day 29: Congratulations #HAWMC

Day 29 (April 29) – Congratulations

 We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things
you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost!

I honestly think this is one of the hardest blog entires of the entire HAWMC writers challenge! I feel so vain writing these things!

1) I love how I can burry even the most extreme bouts of pain. I can be having a “completely norma”l day to a passing stranger, but inside I could be dealing with 10/10 pain waiting to get home to burst into tears or head off to the hospital.. It’s honestly my favorite part of my personality which sounds off, but to you spoonies out there this is a crucial part of our personalities…

2) I feel like I give pretty good advice to my close friends, as most of them come to me because they know I have a lot empathy..

3) I’ve embraced pretty much everything that has happened to me..Now I have had some cranky spells but who hasn’t! But I haven’t let  this shitty disorder ruin my life! The discrimination, lack of health care support,  the lost friends and everything else hasn’t gotten me down .. Now this blog and twitter account has helped me even more!! From my point of view I think  I’ve dealt with my situation pretty darn well.


What is your # 1 favorite thing about yourself?

Day 28: Must Follow! #HAWMC

Day 28 (April 28) – Must Follow!
 Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10
tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages.

Well, they aren’t all on a single social network , just incase you aren’t on that specific one! So I tried to diversify! 


@chronicbeauty12Her youtube Channel

Day 27:Titles #HAWMC

Day 27 (April 27) – Titles

 If you wrote a book about your life, your community, your condition, or your Health Activism –
what would you title it? Come up with 5 working titles.
 What about your biography?

Well, since I’m not the best writer, you probably won’t see me at your local book store anytime soon.. But for the sake of the HAWMC post for today, I’ll humor it!

Some working titles I’ve came up with: ( there are potentially books with these titles already published.. I haven’t done any research on these)

1)It’s just a headache
2)Head games
3)My (insert years) journey into a life with chronic pain
4)You have what?
Last but certainly not least!
5)Chronic Chronicles!

My personal favorite is Head Games!

What would you title your biography?

Day 26: Pain Free Pass #HAWMC

Day 26 (April 26) – Pain-Free Pass

What’s a day that you wish you could have used a pain-free pass (either in the future or the past)? How would being pain or worry-free impact that day?

Well.. My graduation week from high school is rapidly approaching, and I would do anything in the world to have a pain free pass for the graduation day, where I have a long ceremony, then, as a family we all go after to celebrate . I know that my pain will be at an all time high half way through the ceremony(as its very long), and I know that I will not be able to fully enjoy the rest of the day..

Knowing that I won’t be able to fully enjoy my graduation day is bitter sweet knowing what is holding me back is that nasty unrelenting pain that has made it almost impossible to graduate in the first place.. But I overcame, and I can proudly say I beat you this time!

Day 25: Learning #HAWMC

Day 25 (April 25) – Learning
 Share something you learned from another Health Activist (that everyone should know!).
 Share something you’d like to teach other Health Activists.

Well, the biggest thing I’ve learned from the other health activists is that I am not alone. Even though it may feel like it a lot of the time, we can always find someone out there that has a similar health story.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that we all suffer differently. Sometimes we could look perfectly fine even though I could be at a pain level of 10/10 but it’s just not possible for me to take a break..

One thing I would like for ALL Health Activists to know is to stand up for yourself! If you know something isn’t right, be the squeaky wheel! Be loud! Speak up!

Day 23: Technology #HAWMC

Day 23 (April 23) – Technology
 Write about how your life would change if there was no social media.
Today’s post was recommended by Christina of

I believe that without social media, I would still be just “living” with my condition, not “thriving” as I feel I currently I am! Social media has given me a sense a accomplishment,but it has also allowed me to find other people who have similar conditions.. Which makes me feel less alone in such a deep and dark world of pain.

Day 22: Day to Day #HAWMC

Day 22 (April 22) – Day to Day
 Write about the things you couldn’t live without – list 10 things you need or love most.

10 things that I need or love most..

1) My best friend and my family. They are my rock, and I literally would not be where I am without them.

2) Technology: i.e. Iphone, laptop.. helps to keep me connected to the “outside” world when I’m quite sick

3)Music.. Now I don’t mean the top 100 on Itunes.I think most of that is garbage…. I mean classical music, I love it so much, it makes me so happy just listening to it.

4) The family dog. She can tell when I’m sick. I swear she can

5) volunteering. For some reason I just feel 100% normal when I do it..

6) I love makeup.. I love that one minute I look sick, and the next I can look relatively normal.. Sometimes I need the break

7) My pet fish Rudy.. I love watching him swim around freely, I find it very relaxing

8) My wonderful family doctor who has stopped at nothing to try and help me

9)School.. Even though I write all the time about the struggles I have faced there, I LOVE learning.. and missing so much time just makes me want to be there even more

10) My blog! Yes you guys!!!

Day 21: Adversity #HAWMC

Day 21 – Adversity

 “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Mulan
True or false? When do you bloom best?
Today’s post was recommended by Christina of

I do believe that we “bloom” in the face of adversity.. but I believe that we would not have bloomed if given the choice..

I guess I “bloom” best when I have faced discrimination .Generally, I have faced a large bouts of discrimination at school, and I have found it has changed me as a person.. I am now very active in meetings with my teachers, school admins and changes to my adaptations..

Sorry for such a short blog post today! I am swamped with homework!