Unemployed, sick, and judged


Parent’s friend: Oh! You graduated! Where are you working this summer?

Me:….I actually don’t have a job… I’m just having a restful summer

Parents Friend: oh… thats nice

You all know this feeling. Whether our friends have graduated and are moving on to a new period in their life, or they are just in the break between grades, the vast majority of them hold a full time job during the summer months.As a teenager I once felt the urge to get a part time job in May of 2011. I thought I could handle full time classes and working 15 hours a week. Little did I know that having the extra stress accompanied with a job would put me into a 4 month long flare. After my experience with my first part time job, I decided that working was not in the cards for me during this time in my life. Besides.. I already had a full time job dealing with my chronic illness.

When the next summer rolled around I knew that a job was not going to happen. So I decided to fully immerse myself in volunteering. It gave me the flexibility with missing shifts and having a reasonable shift in terms of length. I thrived in this setting, and I loved volunteering.

This summer, after my graduation from high school, having a job seemed to a must amongst my peers and in the opinions of the adults around. Having the conversation with a friends parents always ended in the same way.. awkward. They always seem to have this look of disgust on their faces… They believe that my parents are giving me a “free ride”.

My parents have taught me the value of a dollar growing up. My parents do give me money weekly for any costs that I run into. But other than that, I work around the house at a pace I can handle. I love working around the house doing things like cleaning,organizing and helping my grandmother

Living with a chronic illness is seriously a full time job.. Jack Mercury says it perfectly in her bio “Professional Sick Person. Specializations: Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Generalized Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”

We are all professionals. Just in a different world

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