The good,the bad and the ugly days

Having an invisible illness is a delicate thing.. Especially when it comes to chronic pain. I generally have a very positive out look on my life , but occasionally I do go through periods of time where I feel pretty bad about my state of health( considering my age) and how so many doctors have just put me off as a kid who is looking for attention. Usually when I’m feeling pretty down, I’ve either been in a flare for a long time, or I’ve had problems at school pertaining to my disability.  Living as a youth with a long term disability is a difficiult thing.

Usually in Junior High, we all want to fit in during those hellish  years.. but living with a little known invisible illness pretty much means that you will never blend in. You will always be that “sick kid”.

High school is much easier speaking in peers viewing me as the “sick kid” but, it has given me numerous other hurdles to jump over that I’ll be covering in a future blog called “Who will teach my teachers about chronic pain?? ” keep tuned in, that one will be a doosey! 

Sometimes, the bad days outweighs the good, and ugly doesn’t let anything else though.. but on those few days the when good peeks through it makes everything worth itImage