D day

Well today I had my pain management appointment and as usual I had a list of questions about a mile long, but my most burning question was what do I have? What condition/disorder has ravaged my body these 6 years… Is it a headache disorder? Or maybe a pain disorder? At my pediatric pain clinic they labeled this as a “maladaptive pain condition” but do a quick google search and you get nothing! A few odd web pages but nothing concrete, and I know that if the Internet doesn’t have anything it’s probably a non existent condition. As she officially diagnosed me with chronic daily headaches I see this as a bitter sweet moment. What happens next? This diagnosis that I have held on to for the past two years is no longer relevant…Will a new diagnosis change my treatment plan? Will this mean a reduction in my pain? Who knows, because chronic pain is one giant labyrinth and no one has a map..