Everything’s Difficult

This is an old post I just found in my email account I never posted, So here we go!
Before I got sick, I was a active child with little to no cares in the world. About six months before my chronic pain began, I tried out for a competitive volleyball team, and I made the team. The practices were intensive. 3 hour practices 3 times a week, and tournaments each weekend. I LOVED this, but little did I know in August everything would change while I was playing the sport I once loved. While at a intensively run volleyball camp I developed a severe headache that’s I’ve had ever since. Now I decided to continue playing volleyball when the next season began in late October while dealing with my a undiagnosed and not properly managed pain condition . As my health rapidly deteriorated, I quickly learned that trying to keep up with healthy individuals was not an option, and that my only choice was to quit my team… Tough
This transition was the most difficult time in my childhood. Volleyball was my identity, who I was..and loosing made me feel like I couldn’t fit in anywheres. And being sick most of the time made it even harder to make new friends. Loosing the sport I loved from a condition no one understood frustrated me to the high heavens. I began to be hostile to my doctors and health care professionals, ignoring their suggestions, not complying with my medication and many other self destructing activities. Soon I had created a massive “pit of despair” and I just gave up. I was a emotional wreck that pushed everyone away because no health care professional could help me.. 
I stayed like this for months, numerous ER trips and constantly angry at the world. 
This all changed during one trip to the ER. Where I realizes how much I was hurting the people that loved me. My mother sat at my side apologizing for my illness. And I couldn’t comprehend why she was  apologizing for something she couldn’t change. When she explained that she has been seeing myself self destruct in front of her, and how upset she was that she couldn’t help, I realized how selfish I had been.. And I vowed to turn myself around.. 
And here we are today, I am actively involved in patient advocacy, volunteering and absolutely loving each and every day,even with my condition worsening and still little control over my pain levels.
 If you can take anything from this story, it’s that You realize that  can’t let a difficult situation  knock you down  and push you into the dirt. Life happens, and sometimes we don’t like the outcome, but you have to roll with it, because sometimes all it takes is a few simple words to change everything. 

My experience with Natural healing

Over the years I have experimented with many different treatment options, some including naturopath medicine, homeopathy and other similar fields.

My mother has always been interested in natural healing, and I think she believed it is awesome. When I was younger and she was controlling most of my medical appointments I found that I went to many natural medicine specialists.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I will never be able to thank my mother for never giving up on me, and searching endlessly for relief but the things I’ve been told by these doctors is crazy.

One of these visits stands out vividly in my memory… I was in this swanky office building in the downtown of my city, in a medical office that seemed to be more along the lines of fashionable medicine…. Reviewing my history with this young HCP was endless, as she interrupted me more times than not..the last thing she asked me to do was stick my tongue out.. I assumed us was the start of yet another neurology exam, NOPE.. After one quick look at my tongue she explained that it was my stomach causing all of this grief.. the exact words that came out of my mouth were excuse me?! Lets just say my mother wasn’t very happy with me after that…

Many natural HCP have promised me complete remission from my pain disorder, and clearly none of them followed through.. To say I am bitter about the whole natural healing method would be wrong.. I’ve come to a point in my medical journey that I am completely open to any treatment options I have . I am so thankful that some people find natural healing to be superb, I truly am, but for me it was a lot of wasted time, money and spoons