My Dance with Discrimination

Yesterday I faced a daunting task.. Approach a teacher who seemed to be on the fence regarding accepting my disability.. Well today I can say with clarity I know where he stands now!

I have formal adaptations on my school file which states a couple things.. One is that I must have reduced work: “The quality of the work will not reduce if the quantity is reduced” Seems like a simple theory right? Apparently not..

So sadly early in this semester one specific teacher, who we will call Mr. Discrimination, who was informed on my adaptations. Many assessments had gone by with no adaptations made, so I just struggled to complete all of them.. First assessment comes along. Nothing. We send a friendly reminder. Second assesment comes along, again nothing. So on each of these assessments I had to take his job and reduce them myself. His response? Give me ZEROS for each question reduced.

So yesterday I go to him, asking why? His response? calling me many many rude and ignorant names.. telling me I was taking advantage of my situation

So I left feeling horrid. Next stop. Administration.

So this morning, he took me out into the crowed hallway to [[[[[[[[SCARCASM ALERT]]]]]]]] “apologize” in front of my peers.

In the beginning he said he was wrong, but then quickly placed the blame on me. Blaming me for ruining his life… Being angry at me for taking this to the next level…

Well Mr. Discrimination I am doing this because you only apologized due to the fact I didn’t let you push me around.

I do apologize for leaving some pieces out.. But I’m still a little shaken up from the experience and some things are just to personal.

3 thoughts on “My Dance with Discrimination

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