Day 10: No #HAWMC For me! Sorry! Migraine Survival Kit (late)

Day 10 (April 10) – Wordless Wednesday
It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post your favorite picture of yourself.
Today’s post was recommended by Christina of

I know my 30 Writers challenge is pretty messed up due to my pain flare… BUT Here is my “post” for “day 10”

Today I’m going to shake it up a little bit, the prompt for day 10 was to post your favorite picture of yourself. I thought long and hard about whether or not I was going to participate in this prompt or not, but I feel that 100% anonymity is a must so that I can be 100% truthful in my blogs and tweets.  So I guess I will continue to be the mystery girl behind the screen. SORRY!

Today I am going to talk about making a migraine survival kit! What fun!

I have yet to make one of these beauties myself, but I know that I definitely need one! I pop a migraine going to events all the time and I have nothing with me but my meds! So here is what I plan to put in my kit!

-Medications (Preventatives, and daily, in Original bottles!)

-A List of what your on/Dosing (Due to my medication, currently it is a must)

-A Water bottle

-Mini ice packs(the one time/ throw away type)

What do you have in your migraine survival kit?

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