You Really Don’t Know

I’ve had a lot of people “sympathize” with me, they are always saying  “oh I have migraines, I know EXACTLY what you’re going through!” or ” I get headaches all the time! “, and I feel bitter every single time I hear these things because  l always think in my head, you honestly have no idea what I go through even though they are trying to get on a level with me.

The thing with my pain disorder is, I NEVER get a break with my pain..its not a headache that you have for a hour or two, take a couple of advil then go on your merry way.. I have my daily pain, and when I have a feeling  that it may increase I have NO MEDICATION TO TURN TO, to make it stop. I have to put my entire life on hold and wait for it to hopefully pass. Now, I am not saying that people should stop trying to be  empathetic to those in chronic pain, but please people.Do  not compare our excruciating pain to your daily aches.

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