Day 6: Dear Chronic Migraines #HAWMC

Day 6 (April 6) – Letters

 Write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest?

Dear Chronic Migraines,

Do I even give you the pleasure of an introduction? You have turned my life into a life of hardships. A life with many difficult times and a life with many times where I thought why, why was I born with this? Why is my body stricken with your horrific disorder? A disorder where people don’t believe me, but I still suffer excruciating pain, a disorder where there is litter to no research in treatment.  These questions run through my mind daily. 

I will not give you the satisfaction of ruining my life. From all of these struggles I have learned so much about others and myself .I have gained both personal and emotional strength.  I learned much more about my society, and how it works. I have faced discrimination head on, and with that, I have walked forward with more strength then ever before.  

You have also made my social life weird… That’s the only way I can describe it. My pain increase I miss lots of school, then I go back to school, and it feels quite awkward… I can’t join many clubs at school due to time missed as well. BUT there is one GIANT POSITIVE you forced me to go to the pediatric hospital, which lead to me to join a youth advisory board, which has been one of the biggest impacts of my life. Literally a life changer. I have met some of the best/nicest people, had some amazing experiences and it gets me out of the house..hahaha!

Chronic migraines, yes you cause me great pain, and you make me cancel plans, but you have taught me many things that “the real world” would have never taught me. I think you might have gone a litter overboard with it, but I guess since you are never going to read this(because you clearly cant… hahahahah), and you are a chronic illness…(duhhh..) you are going to do what you want! 

Sincerely a patient who would LOVE for you to actually read this 

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